A brief description about SEO

If we break the letters, then SEO will mean Search Engine Optimization. The acronym SEO comes from Search Engine. Search engine is nothing but a software program of internet which has the power to find any information about any topic or subject and give the result. It can search information among the millions of pages which are stored in the internet. A search engine can be accessed through a browser from a computer, laptop, mobile or any other such gadgets. Google, Bing, MSN etc are some of the most popular example of search engine.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization refers to that mechanism through which any information or web page, searched by any search engine can be optimized or ranked high on the SERP.

How SEO works?

When a searcher or internet visitor searches for any query, the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. instantly gives the result of that search on the Search Engine Result Page. Basically it gives those results which have at least some relevance with the Keyword which is typed on the search box by the visitor. But at times it becomes very tedious for the visitor to find the actual and trusted result of his search because of the some irrelevant pages which comes to the result page. So in this case SEO is the mechanism which performs on behalf of the visitor in finding the most relevant result for his search. It filters all the results or information which is found by the search engine and produces the most relevant results on the top of the SERP.

Importance of SEO:

This is the Information era. Today getting information is so easy. There are many media or sources through which we can get information. But then question arises about the reliability of these sources. Well, internet is also a source of information. Through internet one can get thousand of information within a minute. There are many search engines which can give you all kinds of information. But all these sources of information may not be reliable. That is why SEO needs to find out the most trusted and useful information for us. SEO is one of those helpful ways, with which the quality of any web page or web site can be optimized. Apart from information giving, SEO is also important for all those who do online trade or business. It can help in the growth of any business. Now a day, SEO has even become a tool of online marketing process.